Friday Flash Contest December 1 Keyword: original

Friday Flash is open to any writer. You need not have participated in any previous round to compete this week.

With the key word given, write a piece of fiction 350 words or less that contains the word in the body of the piece. It can also be in the title, but it must be contained in the story itself.

For this contest, your story has to be fiction. It’s not a narrative essay, like a typical blog entry. It needs to have a beginning, middle, and an end.

It can be any genre–mainstream, humor, horror, adventure, literary, slipstream, mystery, romance. It can be sexy, just not wildly erotic, okay?

You have until 12 noon (GMC-5) Saturday, December 2, to write a piece of fiction 350 words or less and send it back to me at

Please put FF entry in the subject line. I have been able to open most attachments; however, you may put your entry in the body of the email.

I’ll post all the entries anonymously on this site by Sunday.

Once the new round of entries are posted, any visitor to this site gets to vote and or comment on the entries by sending me the number of your favorite entry.

On Wednesdays, I’ ll announce the winner.

What’s in it for you? How about some bragging rights? And the chance to develop a few good pieces to submit for publication.

Your word of the week is:


I look forward to your submissions. And good luck.

Voting guidelines: Everyone who submits an entry must vote for an entry–but not your own. To eliminate the salting of an entry at the expense of others, i.e., calling up ten people and telling them to vote for your entry whether it’s the strongest or not, only people who submit are allowed to vote.